1. Purpose
For preventing the products from the damp during the shipping and storage and the defective products resulting from the deterioration, the vacuum packaging can be used to place the product into the bag (vacuum bag). The matters could be easily preserved in good condition due to the features of wet proof, dust prevention, anti-rust and anti-oxidation after the air inside the bag is sucked out to place the matters in the status of none oxygen.

2. Scope of Application
A need exists for long-time storage and anti-oxidation of products.

3. Used Packing Material

The packing material for the use of the vacuum packaging is called vacuum bag, and the commonly used bags could be classified into the following three types based on their materials used:

Nylon Vacuum Bag: It could be classified into the following three series based on the material and process:

     C SeriesT SeriesCK Series

ESD Anti-Static Metal Vacuum Bag
● Anti-Static Aluminum Foil Vacuum Bag


4. Packing Principle and Method

The vacuum packaging means that the product should be sealed completely in the film bag, and the air inside the bag is sucked out to keep the product in the status of the perfect vacuum and none oxygen. Due to the features of wet proof, anti-dust, anti-rust and others, the bags can be treated as the best packing that has the safety function and anti-pollution.

5. Packing Flow Chart (Refer to Diagram)

6.Procedure to Use
1.Turn on the power switch.
2.Place the product into the vacuum chamber after it has been placed in the vacuum bag, and neatly place the bag orifice over the seal mount.
The operation will start automatically after pressing down the upper cover.
The upper cover will be opened automatically after the completion of operation.
Take out the finished products.
Turn off the power switch after the completion of operation.

MOD.VPE-4025 ( Desktop Type )   MOD.VPE-4040 ( Floor type)   MOD.VPE-5550 ( Medium Type )
MOD.VPE-6540 (Standard Type)   MOD.VPE-7540 (Extra type)   MOD.VPE-8550 (Automatic Closing type)
MOD.VPE-9070( Out Suction Type)   MOD.VPE-12065(High Speed Non-Stop Type)   MOD.VPE-5055T(Dual Sink & Cover type)
MOD.VPE-580S( Out Suction Type)   MOD.VPE-600SV(High Speed Non-Stop Type)   MOD.VPE-10040(Dual Sink & Cover type)


  Customer's Specification

  Vertical Out Suction Type

Medium type Automatic Closing Type


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